Photography Tips:
Digital Push Processing

The digital push is a two step process that helps to capture sharper images in low light. This technique can be used in everyday hand-held situations of low light and high zoom.

When in doubt set a higher shutter speed for safety,
and brighten the exposure later with photo editing.

The slow shutter speeds needed to make a good exposure in low light can lead to camera-shake, a common cause of a ruined photograph. You can usually save an underexposed image, but there is no cure for motion or camera blur.

Borrowing from a traditional film techinque, you can "push" your digital camera by shooting for sharpness and then brightening the image later with the computer.

Step 1: Set Safe Shutter and Shoot
Step 2: Digital Push Processing

The Digital Push gets its name from the "push processing" technique: The photographer underexposes the image, but then later instructs the photo-lab to "push" the film by leaving it longer in the processing chemicals. This results in a brighter photo but with increased grain and contrast.