Essential Photo Editing:
Brightness and Contrast


+ brightness and contrast
Brightness and contrast affects the overall tone of the photo. Changing the brightness will make an image lighter or darker.

Adjusting contrast makes the image more flat or more "punchy". Brightness and contrast and commonly grouped together in the same window.

Brightness and Contrast

1. open sample image

2. open Brightness-Contrast

3. adjust slider levels.


Brightness and Contrast Practical Tips:

  • Brightness/contrast is one of the easiest to use and most common photo editing techniques.You may also want to read about the adjust levels command, which offers even more control.
  • increasing brightness and contrast together - try increasing both the brightness and the contrast at the same time. This high contrast effect can be quite interesting for certain subjects.
  • color contrast - contrast has a big effect of color, higher contrast makes color much more saturated and rich.