original (1:1 size)

5% noise added

20% noise added

Why would you want to ADD noise? Think of it as adding mood, or applying a coat of texture.

Use the Add Noise command to add a film-like grain to the image. When applied carefully, the grain effect can smooth over any messy retouching and give the image a classic film look.


Add Noise

1. open sample image

2. open Add Noise

3. adjust color and monochrome noise

color noise

monochrome noise


4. adjust the slider to control amount of noise

20% monochrome noise

5% monochrome noise

Practical Tips:

the final step - Sometimes adding noise is a good final step for your image. Add just a tiny amount to smooth over any photo editing and give a nice film-look to the image

black and white noise - When adding noise to a black and white image, make sure to add "monochrome" noise instead of colour noise. (execpt of course, if thats what you want ! :)