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Photo Editing and Retouching
Taking a picture is only half the fun. With a computer
and photo editing software you can transform
your digital photos - The sky is the limit!

Film Magic for Digital Cameras
slide | pushed film | black and white | sepia |
Transform your digital photos to look like classic film with these easy step-by-step techniques. Several examples are provided including slide, black and white, sepia.

Essential Techiques
brightness contrast | hue saturation | adjust Levels | add noise | sharpen blur |
selection masks | feather | clone brush
When learning about photo editing and retouching, start with the basics. Whether you use Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or The Gimp - these are the building blocks of modern photo editing.

The Gimp | Photoshop | Paint Shop Pro
Digital photo editing requires a computer and a software. Regardless of your budget or operating system, there are several options available.