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talk less. shoot more.



Photonhead Philosophy:
Taking a great photograph has nothing to do with new cameras, fancy accessories, or rules of thirds. The difference is how you... the photographer.. see the world and capture it on film.

Learn the fundamentals and a few simple tricks. This will make you more comfortable and confident with the camera. Learn a little, shoot a lot, and advance your photography skills.

In May 1996, "Exposure - A Beginner's Guide to Photography" won first prize in Netscape's Gold Rush design contest. After over 8 years and 6 million visitors Exposure remained online, unchanged. launched in June 2004 and is the evolution of 1996 Exposure web site, offering a unique view of modern photography.

Photonhead offer quick and easy photography tips for beginners, and intermediate theory and tutorials that provide food for growth.

It has never been easier to take a good photograph, but the world of digital photography seems to be getting more complex. Drawing from experience, is my ongoing and very opinionated effort to help beginners cut through the noise with tips, tutorials, and advanced learning tools.

About me:
In part to fund my excessive computer habit, I have shot more than a few miles of film. There's nothing quite like a studio stuffed full of networked computers playing quake.. I'm getting together a small online portfolio, please come back soon and have a look.